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5 Best Disposable Vapes of 2021

5 Best Disposable Vapes of 2021

What is a disposable vape? 

A disposable vape is a fully closed vape device, consisting of a small lithium-ion battery, juice reservoir and a heating element encased in a small, portable body. No need for messy coil changes, charging, or tank fills. This style of vape is great for any vape user, of any experience level. Simply open the package, remove any silicone plugs and puff away! Most disposable devices last around 300 puffs and can go as high as 1500 puffs (for BC customers the largest disposable device available contains a 2ml e-juice capacity, equal to roughly 500 puffs). Later in this article we will cover some tips and tricks from our vaping experts. Read on to find out what they had to say.  

#1 Consumer Favourite: Allo Disposable Vapes

The Allo Disposable Vapes have been a fan favorite since their release in Canada, offering a large variety of flavours and sizes sure to please almost any vape user’s taste and experience level. The Allo Disposables come in 4 different sizes, starting with the smallest being 300 puffs (1.2ml), then 500 puffs (2ml), 800 puffs (3.8ml), with the largest size available at 1500 puffs (6ml). The Allo Disposables are available in over 25 different flavours. All Allo disposables are draw-activated, lightweight and perfectly pocket sized. These disposables are known for their extra smooth and flavourful hit.  

Best Selling Flavour: Pineapple Ice 

#2 On the Rise: Ghost Disposable Vapes

The Ghost Disposables came onto the market with a bit of a rocky start; however, Ghost has since upgraded and revamped their devices to contend with Allo for the #1 disposable vape in Canada. Available in 2 sizes, the original Ghost features a draw-activated hit, 1.2ml e-juice capacity and lasts for roughly 300 puffs. Enough to last the average vaper all day long. The next size up is the Ghost XL, available in both a BC compliant 2ml e-juice capacity version and a 3.2ml version. The Ghost XL has a lot of the same features as the original Ghost, similar design with a draw-activated hit, but lasts roughly 500-800 puffs. The Ghost disposables are currently available in 16 different flavours. 

Best Selling Flavour: Peach Ice 

#3 Best Flavour: Envi Disposable Vapes

Our 3rd best disposable vape of 2021 is the Envi Core and Envi Boost Disposables. While this entry is mostly directed towards the larger Envi Boost, we also give props to the Envi Core disposable. The Envi Core is the smaller of the 2 devices currently available from Envi Vape, featuring draw-activation and a small, slim build, somewhat oval in shape. This device holds 2mls of e-juice, and boasts around 450 puffs per device, available in 10 different flavours. Now to get to the Envi Boost. The Boost has some of the best flavour we have ever had in a disposable vape, comparable to most Open Pod salt nicotine devices such as the Smok Nord. These high-quality salt nicotine devices produce a strong and super smooth vapor that is full of flavour. Featuring a 5ml e-juice capacity, a soft anti-slip grip finish and, much like the Allo 1500, are perfectly pocket sized while still providing the user with approximately 1500 puffs. The Envi Boost is currently available in 25 different flavours. 

If you are someone who looks for a disposable vape with the absolute best flavour, we recommend giving the Envi series disposables a try. 

Best Selling Flavour: Lush Ice (watermelon ice) 

#4 Best Closed Pod Vape: STLTH Vape

The STLTH Vape is a Closed Pod System Vape, with only the pod being thrown away when the e-juice has been depleted. Closed pod systems feature many of the same conveniences of a disposable but feature a reusable and rechargeable battery. This style of device is preferable if you are using your device on a regular basis as they create less waste and are more cost effective in the long run. STLTH was the original closed pod system to hit the Canadian market, now with over 80 different flavours to choose from and more being released all the time. STLTH collaborates with some of the top e-juice makers in Canada to offer such a large variety of amazing flavours, from brands you know and love.  

The STLTH device features a 420 mAh battery, enough to last the average, everyday vape user all day long, or more.  

Best Selling Flavour: Honeydew Menthol 

#5 Closed Pod Vape – On the Rise: Vuse E-Pod 2

Vuse has been rising in popularity in the Canadian market over recent months, similar to the STLTH the Vuse E-pod 2 is a Closed Pod Vape System. These devices have some great features, such as a magnetic charger connection and fast charging, able to charge its 350 mAh battery to full in about 40-50 minutes. This lightweight system is very user-friendly, and each pod holds an e-juice capacity of 1.9ml, lasting roughly 275 puffs per pod. As with the rest of the devices on this list, the Vuse E-pod 2 uses a draw-activated firing system. With no buttons, you’ve no need to worry about your vape firing in your pocket. What a bonus!  

The Vuse E-Pod 2 currently has 16 flavours available and is compatible with the original Vuse E-pod pods, as well as the classic Vype pods.  

Best Selling Flavour: Watermelon 


Disposable style vapes are very convenient, you don’t need to have a lot of knowledge about vaping, or how the device operates. However, with any device containing a lithium-ion battery, it is best to use the device with an abundance of caution and care.  

Pro Tips from our Vaping Experts for Disposables and Closed Pod Systems Alike 

  • Don’t store your device in extreme temperatures, such as in your car on a warm day. Remember, these devices contain a small lithium-ion battery and temperature sensitive e-juice. To avoid any battery malfunction, or e-juice leakage, remember to store your device properly when not in use.  

  • Do not try to hack your device for a refill; closed system vapes such as disposables are not meant to be refilled or modified in any way as this could cause serious malfunctions. 

  • Dispose of your batteries properly, by taking your dead devices to a designated battery recycling facility or drop off box.  

  • Avoid drawing from the wrong side of the device; drawing from the wrong side of the device can cause your vape to auto-fire. Since there are no buttons and no way to power down the device, you will have very limited options to stop the auto-fire apart from dismantling the device or submerging the device in water. The best option if this happens to you is to place the device in a safe location, away from anything flammable, pets, children and yourself until the device runs out of power or the fail-safe kicks in.  

  • Make sure you do not block the air-flow holes when drawing from your device. Usually, the airflow holes are on the bottom, or the side of the device. Covering the air-flow holes can burn your vape or cause an irreversible leak. 

  • Dispose of your device when you notice the flavour begin to drop off, even if you can still draw puffs from it. There are times when the battery life will surpass the e-juice capacity, leading to a nasty dry or burnt hit. 


You can’t really go wrong with any of these vape devices, to find the device that is best for you I find it is best to pinpoint what exactly it is you want from your device.We do not sell CBD type devices or liquids. If you are looking for more information check out CBD Canada CBDWorkx.ca  If you’re not sure where to start, or you’re not quite sure what it is you’re looking for, feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives and they will be more than happy to help you find your perfect device.