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Dry Hits: The Bane To Every Person Who Vapes

Dry Hits: The Bane To Every Person Who Vapes

Vaping is a very famous and the best alternative against smoking cigarettes. People smoke vape to have fun or to relax. Since vape is not very harmful, people prefer smoking vape in place of cigarettes. 


People who smoke vape face a problem known as a dry hit. This problem is faced by people irrespective of whether they are beginners or seasoned vapers. The dry hit gives vapers a bitter and awful tasting. There is no way that is present through which a person can avoid a dry hit. It lingers in the back of people's minds when they take a puff from the vaping machine.


But, there are ways through which a person can minimize the chances of getting a dry hit. Here we shall discuss a few such techniques.

What is Dry Hit?           


Dry hit refers to the smoke that one takes when there isn't enough juice present when you fire up the device. In such scenarios, instead of the smoke from vaporizing the e-juice, the person intakes the burnt cotton smokes.


This gives one the worst flavors in the person's mouth when they smoke. 


The reason for such a phenomenon is few. Some of such reasons include coils getting gunked, lack of airflow through the system, wicking related issues, and many more.


Methods of Kicking Out Dry Hit


Dry hits are among the most common things a person gets when they smoke vape from a machine brought from Vape Street or any other place. Most of the time, a dry hit occurs due to an error while using or any other technical problems. In such cases, there are ways one can kick out dry hits easily.

The following are some of the ways through which dry hits can be avoided.


  • Priming The Coil


Priming the coil is one of the most crucial things a vaper needs to do. For machines that deal with replaceable coils, one must ensure that the first hit goes in as smoothly as possible. The first hit must have enough juice to take in, and the puff must not be taken too early. If done so, the brand new coil will get damaged almost instantly.


While installing a new coil, one must put in a few drops of e-juice on top of the wick and let it get soaked for about 10 minutes. While doing so, one must also keep in mind that they do not allow the e-juice to overflow the wick, which might cause another problem to the device.


  • Break-In Your Coil


This is a pretty advanced technique that requires wattage control. Owning a vape machine with such a feature reduces the risk of getting a dry hit significantly. 


Coils used in devices from vape streets are different. They work differently on the level of watt used. Therefore, when opening a new coil, one must handle it significantly with care. 


For breaking a coil, one must first take a few drags with the wattage below the minimum threshold. One must then gradually increase the wattage every few minutes. 


This method makes the coil ready for the vaping session to happen smoothly.


  • Decrease The VG Level


VG is one of the most favorite things among vapers who aim for cloud smoking and smooth vaping. But these VG also possess a risk towards the coil.


Coils are more prone to higher VG e-juice and also are damaged by them. High VG e-juice is thicker and difficult to absorb. Some coils have a limit on how much they can sustain the usage of VG e-juice.


In such scenarios, it is advised to use low VG e-juice. This helps increase the coil's life span and reduce the risk of a dry hit.


  • Keeping The Juice Tank Filled


The common reason for a dry hit to occur is the presence of less juice in the tank. If the juice level is low, the coil does not get submerged completely. Consequently, the remaining liquid gets soaked up, and the wick is left dry. After such cases, the extreme cases of dry hits occur. It also causes damage to the coil. 


This is why it is advised to fill the juice tank whenever it goes below 10-20 percent.



Vaping is a significant part of many people's lives. The biggest problem that vapers face is dry hits. There are no ways one can completely stop dry hits, but there are ways to reduce the chances of it happening.