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How YOU Can Help Save Flavours in Canada

How YOU Can Help Save Flavours in Canada

 As you may know, the Canadian Government has proposed a federal ban on flavoured vape products. We are currently two short weeks away from the deadline to have our voices heard and save flavours in Canada.  

What does this mean? 

On June 19th, Health Canada released a proposed federal regulation to ban flavoured vaping products, leaving only mint, menthol, and tobacco in its place. This includes any additional sweeteners. Health Canada estimates 80-85 percent of existed tobacco and menthol/mint e-juices will have to be reformulated to comply with the new flavouring regulations. We have since passed our original deadline of May 1st, and have gone into the second stage of this proposition going through into law.  

We now have until September 2nd to have our voices heard, before flavoured vaping products in Canada are gone for good.  

Why is Health Canada proposing the ban on flavours? 

Health Canada is under the belief that the youth vaping epidemic was caused in part by the sweet, familiar flavours available in vaping today. Over the years Health Canada has implemented many regulations controlling what can be used to manufacture e-juice, what can and cannot be on the packaging of vaping products, caping nicotine concentration and bottle size, banning advertising to the general public, the list goes on. Many of these regulations put in place have been beneficial to the vape industry in Canada, increasing safety standards and limiting teen exposure.  

However, flavours are majorly beneficial to adult smokers who are looking for a less harmful nicotine delivery system to traditional cigarettes. For many the switch to vaping has been made easier by non-tobacco related flavours. We have heard from many individuals who shop in our stores that vaping has saved their lives, in part because of the sweet or savory flavours available to them by creating a new nicotine experience that does not remind them of the traditional cigarette smoke that they are so accustomed to. 

There were two studies conducted in 2018 (1), (2) of American vapers’ flavour preferences, showing that four times as many adult vapers favored fruit or dessert flavours over tobacco flavours, with more than three times as many preferring candy flavours over tobacco. Health Canada themselves have admitted the importance of flavours to this group, stating in the Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 155 released on June 19th of this year, that “It is anticipated that some dual users who currently use flavored vaping products would not substitute their purchases with tobacco- and mint/menthol-flavored vaping products,” and that “they would choose to purchase more cigarettes.” meanwhile an estimated 48,000 Canadians lose their lives each year to tobacco related illness. Smoking remains the number one cause of preventable deaths in Canada, so why are we taking away one of the most effective tobacco harm reduction tools on the market? This is the question.  

How can you help stop the flavour ban, saving thousands of Canadian lives each year? 

The best way to have your voice heard is to send a personal letter to Health Canada, sharing your story as to how flavours in vaping have benefitted you, or your loved ones.  

There has been a site created by consumer advocates involved in the Canadian vape industry to aid you in creating and submitting a custom or simplified submission to Health Canada opposing the flavour ban, if you wish to help put an end to the new regulations proposed by Health Canada, visit https://saveflavours.ca and follow one of two options to submit your response to Health Canada.  

If you’d like more information as to how flavours greatly benefit adult smokers in the fight to end combustible tobacco related illnesses, we have found 2 short videos from VIDA voices, hosted by Aaron Beibert advocating the use of flavoured vaping products.