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January 1st 2021 Federal Hardware Changes CRC

January 1st 2021 Federal Hardware Changes CRC

Canada is going through another change in regards to adhering to the new regulation in the vape industry. We will see these changes come into effect on January 1, 2021, and this will affect not only store owners and stakeholders in the industry but ultimately will affect the end consumer.

The CRC (Child Restrictive Container) is new regulations that mandate that all containers (tanks) that are a vaping device or vaping part, as well as every other immediate container that contains a vaping substance that has a nicotine concentration of 0.1 mg/mL or more, must meet the requirements by January 1, 2021.

The requirements are that if the tank can be refilled it must be childproof and constructed so that it can be opened only by operating, puncturing or removing one of it's functional and necessary parts using a tool not supplied with the contain OR must meet the child test protocol requirements such as the ISO 8317:2015 called Child Resistant packing requirements and testing.

Most of the closed pod systems such as Stlth, Juul and Nikki Vape are none refillable so they automatically are CRC compliant. An open pod system (such as the smok nords which is just a flap you open and put juice in would not be compliant).

A good example of a CRC compliant product would be the Vaporesso Zero Pod system. It has a movable part which you have to press in to fill up the tank. This would meet the CRC guidelines.


How will this affect a vape store?

This is going to affect vape stores in a few ways, first off they are going to have to transition to all CRC products before January 1st, 2021. After that date, no vape store or store that sells vape products will be allowed to sell non-CRC devices.

You will likely see vape stores making this transition over the next few months.


How will this affect the general consumer?

Most consumers are not going to know about these new regulations until they either need to buy a new tank or they need a coil for a tank that's no longer available anymore because it's not CRC. Its likely suppliers will still stock this for months going forward and vape stores will stock up on popular coil styles but there will be a point which a consumer will not be able to get the coil for their NON-CRC tank and they will be required to upgrade their device or tank because of the scarcity of buying replacement coils. 


Have we known about these regulations for a while?

There has been information about this for a while but because when it was originally brought up was so long ago it was not talked much about. Fortunately for us, the distributors in Canada have been working closely with manufacturers in China to ensure that they were making products that met our country specific regulations for CRC tanks. 


Users in British Columbia might be more specifically impacted because currently, they have provincial regulations that make things a little more complicated because of a max 2ml tank size. This limits the selection of tanks/pods in BC specifically because of this provincial regulation that has to coincide with federal regulations. We hope that the NDP government continues to revisit this regulation to go more in line with federal regulations. 


In the short term, it does see there will be some pain associated with making this change not only for the vape store but also for consumers. Saying that this might be a good thing in the long term because of the vast amount of options right now available in the Canadian market. It's too often I see a consumer buy a tank and have to go to a few vape stores to find a compatible coil. This is a problem because of the vast amount of tank options a store can bring in as well as how quickly the industry changes and updates devices. If we are forced to limit our options and tanks/devices won't upgrade as often this might serve the stores interest good as well as the consumer because the availability of stock will be better because of the limited number of devices available on the market. This is just my opinion but I think it makes a good point.


Just rest assured that here at VapeStreet we will comply with all regulation and ensure we have all the options available to you.