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Problems Faced While Using Your Vape!

Problems Faced While Using Your Vape!

Problems Faced While Using Your Vape!


Vaping is a well-known practice all around the world. Every person around the globe either does vape themselves or has at least seen or heard about them. Vaping becomes a part of people’s daily routine. Some are involved in vaping for relief against pain and stress, while some people consider vaping as a sport and practice and hone several vaping tricks and skills.


For vaping, a person needs to have a proper vaping machine. This vaping machine that one buys can face a vast number of problems and malfunctions. This machine is sensitive and must be taken good care of. The machine needs proper cleaning and maintenance.


Problems regarding vaping machine:


This article is solely based on informing all about the problems regarding vaping machines and how to solve such problems.


  • Coil Gunk


With regular use of the vape machine, one can spot a dark-colored residue that starts forming on the vape coil. This residue is the coil gunk. This gunk reduces the life span of your vape machine and makes it more prone to malfunction. 


The gunk forms on the coil, depending upon the juice that one uses. Coil gunk forms differently depending upon the juice that one uses. Sweet and dark e-juice makes the gunk formation faster and damages the coil easily. If one uses VG juice, then also coil gunk is formed but at a slower rate.


Now, coming at how to prevent the coil gunk. The following will help you to increase your coil's lifespan and to avoid malfunction.


    • Using less VG


VG level of your juice plays an essential role in the coils life span, the higher the VG, the more the formation of coil gunk. Companies provide juices of 60VG as their default. They also advise you to use juices of similar VG levels.


    • Avoid sweeteners


The sweeteners in your juice are the bane to your coils. Many flavored juices rely highly on sweeteners for their taste. These sweeteners cause extra harm to your coil. So it is advised that people use juices that rely on sweeteners in a lesser amount.


    • Changing vaping practice


Vaping regularly and frequently causes extra harm to your device. This also causes the formation of coil gunk. So it is advised that you use the machine in proper intervals and allow the coil to take rests.


It is also advised to take shorter and sharper drags than the long ones. 


  • Store e-juice and preserve flavor


E-juice, just like any other food, is perishable even though it is human-made. The PG of the juice is not perishable, but the VG and the nicotine are organic and will deteriorate with time. Without proper storage and preservation of these juices, they will not be able to provide the good experience they are supposed to give. 


E-juices have a long life span, but the product experience changes with time.


The following are the things to be kept in check for providing e-juice.


    • Avoiding heat


E-juice must be stored in a cool place. These juices don’t mix well with heat and deteriorate. The heat makes the flavor of the juice decay. 


Keeping e-juice at room temperature is good, but some juices require you to keep them in refrigerators. Since e-juices don’t freeze solid, keeping them in freezers is the best method to preserve them for a long time.

    • Avoiding air and light


Air and light are the worst enemies of nicotine in your e-juice. The air and sunlight react with the nicotine, causes oxidation of the product. Flavored juices that use sweeteners tend to face this oxidation more quickly than the others. Every time one opens and closes the container, the air does get it. But if one keeps the container open for a long time, the oxidation rate gets faster than ever.


So, it is advised to keep the e-juice in containers and place them in a cupboard or any other dark and closed space.


    • Picking the right container


Picking the right container is important. E-juice storage comes in two types of containers plastic and glass. Plastic is appropriate for short term storage. While preparing for long-term storage, one must keep the e-juice in a glass container.




Vaping is a well-known practice all around the world. For vaping, the machine is the most important thing. Proper maintenance is essential. The device needs adequate care, and even the juice used in the device needs to be taken care of properly for a better life span of the device.