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Vaping mistakes by beginners!

Vaping mistakes by beginners!

Beginner’s Mistake For Beginner Vapers


Quitting smoking cigarettes is a huge step in the right direction. But, if you are looking to move towards vape, one must keep in mind that there are a lot of ways one can place their foot on the wrong pedestal.


Vape manufacturers are making more and more effective and easy to use vaping devices. The vast types and choices that a person has for vaping are immense. But sometimes, this large variety causes beginners to make mistakes and put their foot in the wrong direction.


This article is solely about making people aware of common mistakes beginners make and how to rectify them.


Selecting and buying a wring device:


For a beginner who is putting his first step in the vaping journey he or she first needs to choose the right device.


There is a large variety of vapes available. Some vapes are extremely easy to handle, while some are only to be used by vapers who have been using vapes for a long time. Some vapes belong in the middle ground. 


Vapes that are designed for starters are cheap and are very simple. These devices are a very basic vaping device and are perfectly suitable for beginners.


The use of these devices is simple, but the device itself is complicated and gives the beginner an idea about the machine's work.


People need to buy a starter vape in the beginning. This helps them to know the machine and the process of vaping in a very basic method. After one feels comfortable after vaping in them, then they can shift to an intermediate vaping machine. And later, they can gradually move towards using the advanced vaping devices. Connecting with us and asking questions will ensure you buy the best vape to begin with.


Proper maintenance:


Coils inside the vapes are the most important part. Different vapes have different types of coils. This variety is what results in more vapor, better flavor, etc. 


Beginners make a huge mistake in taking proper care of this coil. In starter vape, coils are easy to handle, so it acts as a starter practice for beginners.


Beginners need to learn the practice of priming. Priming is a method where cotton is placed in between the coil, and e-juice drops are added to it. After some time, when the cotton absorbs the e-juice, installing the coil and letting it sit for 10 minutes is what is needed. Beginners get this practice correctly in starter vapes whose coils are easy to handle.


Another mistake regarding maintenance is the changing of flavors without changing the error. This is the most common mistake a beginner makes. It is extremely necessary that one changes the coil and also rinse the tank when changing or refueling the tank.  


Picking the appropriate nicotine level


Picking the nicotine level is crucial for vapers. A person who quit cigarettes and turned in favor of vape needs to keep a low nicotine level than others. At the same time, others need to check their nicotine level. One must keep the nicotine level at par with their number of cigarettes they used to smoke. 


Putting in a more significant number of nicotine levels is harmful and will put you in unknown territory.  


One needs to match the nicotine level, depending on the juice as well. The e-juice also contains nicotine that also needs to check with the overall nicotine level.


A good rule of thumb when starting out is to start with a low MG level and slowly move up if needed. Nicotine is of course an addictive substance so starting too high on a MG level may result in being dependant on a higher MG when you could have gotten away with something much lower. This is especially true for salt nicotine eliquids.


Often getting forgetful regarding charge:


People often believe that it's better to first use up all the battery charge before charging it. But it is not true; instead, it puts more strain on your battery.


It becomes frustrating when the vape stops in the middle of a session. People need to charge the device regularly and also need to keep preserving the battery as a high priority.


Safety and Hygiene:


The Vaping community is vast. People often smoke vape in large groups. But one must keep in mind that it is not nice to take in the vapor that comes from someone else’s mouth. That is why it is advised to smoke vape away from others. 


Also, smoking vape is indeed better than smoking cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean that a person who vapes has the right to force others to indulge in vaping as well. It is their choice, and one must not force.