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Vuse E-Pod Replacement Pods (2 Pack)

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Replacement Pods for the Vuse E-pod 2 Vuse and original Vuse E-Pod Devices, also compatible with most Vype devices.

Discover Vuse EPod Systems, with flavours ranging from tropical fruit and cool mint, to classic tobacco you're sure to find a Vuse EPod flavour that is just right for you. Vuse Conducts rigorous testing of their devices and E-Pods to ensure a great experience from the very first puff. 

Each flavour is available in 1.6MG/ml nicotine strength.

Each Pod contains 1.9ml of e-juice

Flavours Available: 

  • Citrus Grape LIMITED EDITION - A refreshing taste experience where the citrus punch is balanced with undertones of fresh black grapes.
  • Cranberry Hibiscus LIMITED EDITION Fresh cranberry with a burst of citrus and mellow hibiscus notes.
  • Berry - A deep yet light blend of dark cherry and red fruit notes.
  • Blood OrangeAn orange flavour with red pomegranate notes.
  • BlueberryA blueberry flavour with undertones of red berries and tartness.
  • ClearA smooth, clear and satisfying flavour-free experience
  • Cool PeppermintA balanced cooling peppermint taste
  • CucumberCucumber freshness with an element of tanginess.
  • Exotic MixEnveloped in exotic, luscious and sweet aromas with subtle roasted nuances. Previously called Aromatic Tobacco.
  • Golden Tobacco - Well-balanced intensity and smooth taste.
  • Iced MangoA burst of mango flavour with an icy twist.
  • Lemon BerryA blend of lemon, citrus and pink grapefruit notes, highlighted by hints of berries.
  • LycheeA combination of lychee and mango notes.
  • MangoA juicy, tropical and refreshing taste experience that is better than ever.
  • PassionfruitTropical passionfruit with almond notes.
  • PeachWhite peach with a hint of delicate floral notes.
  • Polar MintAn expertly crafted refreshing mint sensation.
  • Rich MixVibrant and generous with a delightful mix of roasted nuances. Previously called Rich Tobacco.
  • Smooth TobaccoMellow and subtle flavour
  • Smooth MintA subtle and silky cooling mint
  • StrawberryA fusion of strawberry with green fruit notes.
  • VanillaA rich vanilla taste with a smooth texture.
  • Velvety MixA delectably indulgent and aromatic mix with a warm velvety finish.
  • WatermelonA watermelon flavour, with a blend of subtle green notes.


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Vuse E-Pod Replacement Pods (2 Pack)