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Big Bark Hemp Pre Rolled Cones 8 Pack

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Pre Rolled Cones are rising in popularity due to their efficiency and convenience. You could be a novice roller looking for a simpler way than mastering the art of rolling, or maybe you're someone who is just tired of the sometimes pain staking task of rolling while you're out and about. Whatever leads you to the choice of pre rolled cones, they can still come with their own challenges. 

But Big Bark is here to provide a tool to make packing and filling pre rolled cones that much easier, with their built in scoop! The merchandizing tab on the top of each pack doubles as a filing tool, simply tear off the off the scoop, fold along the scores provided and voila! You can fit the end of your new scoop into the opening of the cone, slide in your herbs and pack it all in with the packing stick that is also provided inside the pack. When you're done, tie it off and you're ready to Spark your Bark. 

These Hemp cones are made from all natural, 100% organic hemp fibers. Smoke the way nature intended.

Each pack contains 8 pre rolled cones, 4 packing sticks and a tear-away scoop. 

Elevate your rolling experience with Big Bark Pre Rolled Cones.

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Big Bark Hemp Pre Rolled Cones 8 Pack