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Big Bark Hemp Rolling Papers

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Big Bark Rolling Papers were designed by connoisseurs, who know exactly what features you've always wanted. They set out to build a pack of papers that would last until every leaf was used for its intended purpose. A pack you never have to rip up for tips, a pack that withstands daily use and all that travel from bag, to pocket, to table. 

Each pack of Big Bark Rolling Papers contains 80 papers, 80 tips, and features a magnetic strip enclosure to keep the structural integrity of the packaging from the first paper, to the last. All fitted into a 1 1/4 inch pack. They even suggest using the magnetic strip as a scraper to ensure every last bit of your legal herbs make it into your roll. 

These Hemp rolling papers are made from 100% organic and all natural hemp fibers.

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Big Bark Hemp Rolling Papers