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Coil Master Skynet Kit

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Product Details

The Coil Master Skynet 8-in-1 Prebuilt Coils Set is designed for high-performance set-ups within a collection of eight exotic coil configurations in pre-coiled settings that eliminates the hassle of wire building.

Compatible with


  • Tortuosity: 0.22Ω NI80 (23AWG) 3mm
  • Clapton Parallel: 0.3Ω NI80 (26AWG*2 + 39 + 26AWG) 3mm
  • Interlock Clapton: 0.3Ω A1 + NI80 ((26+32AWG) + 24 AWG) 3mm
  • Fused Clapton (TWIST): 0.45Ω A1 (28AWG*2 + 32AWG) 3mm
  • Flat Clapton: 0.45Ω A1 (0.3*0.8MM + 32 AWG) 3mm
  • Clapton: 0.6Ω A1 (26AWG + 32AWG) 2.8mm
  • Fused Clapton: 0.6Ω NI80 + A1 (22AWG + 0.4*0.08MM) 3mm
  • Fused Clapton: 0.3Ω NI80 (26AWG*2 + 39AWG) 3mm

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Coil Master Skynet Kit