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Envi Core Disposable Vape

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Product Details

Envi Core Disposable vape is brand new to 2020 and is your next disposable vape device. This is a CCCR product meaning that it's child-resistant as per the federal Canadian Regulations. This device is also BC compliant. 

This new envi core disposable vape pod system is the next generation and a great device if you have enjoyed your allo vape or stlth vape pen in the past. This is a very cost-effective disposable vape and has plenty of flavour.

You should get approx 450 puffs out of this Envi Core disposable vape. The capacity is 2ml of eliquid. The battery is 370mah which should keep you going all day long. This is an auto draw activation meaning there are no buttons needed to vape the Envi. It has a anti slip grip as well as a LED light indication. The flavor itself is very bold which will leave you very satisfied.


The Envi Core Disposable Vape Flavors are as follows:

  • Blue Razz - This is your typical blue raspberry
  • Orange Mango Guava - Who does not like a medley of these flavors
  • Green Apple - For any apple fan
  • Grape - If your nuts for grapes you will love this
  • Classic Red - Old fashioned Classic Red flavor
  • Banana Iced - Banana is amazing and this ones iced
  • Lush Iced - Watermelon ice
  • Mango Iced- Yummy mango iced
  • Blood Orange Iced - For the orange lover, this ones iced
  • Coffee Tobacco - A great blend of your favourite morning brew and tobacco

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Envi Core Disposable Vape