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Fruity Vapes Watermelon Shur Freebase

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Fruity Vapes is a local BC brand exclusive to Vapestreet Canada. Fruity Vapes has been a popular line of juice at our shops for a few years now and the best part, this line is blended right here in beautiful British Columbia, crafted with our customers tastes in mind. 

Fruity Vapes Watermelon Shur

Fruity Vapes Watermelon Shur is what you get when you freeze a watermelon and toss it in the blender, smooth and sweet watermelon goodness. Just don't eat this one! 

Bottle Size: 30ml
Nicotine: Freebase
Ratio VG/PG: 70/30

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Fruity Vapes Watermelon Shur Freebase