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Small Wood Grinder 2 Piece

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Product Type: Grinder

Collections: Grinders Herbal Herbal Products

Product Tags: aluminum, dry herb, grinder, herb, leaf, wood

Product Details

A small wood grinder with stylized leaf carvings. This grinder is made out of solid carved wood, with aluminum cutting blades in the interior to easily glide through your herbal products. The top and bottom parts of the wood grinder are held together by a magnet in the center of each piece. You can tell this grinder was crafted with passion, smooth stained wood that is pleasing to the eyes with beautiful carved details from top, to bottom. Feel free to leave this one on your coffee table.


  • Width: 60mm
  • Height: 38mm
  • Materials: Wood & Aluminum
  • 2 Piece

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Small Wood Grinder 2 Piece