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Smok V12 P-Tank Coils (3 Pack)

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Product Details

The Smok TFV12 P-Tank coils were designed to be high performance replacement coils, providing the user with MASSIVE clouds and amazing flavour. This family of coils was the first from Smok to introduce the Mesh and Strip coils, offering a wider heating area which evenly heats and absorbs E-Juice, ensuring you get the most out of your favourite E-Juice flavours. 

Compatible with Smok TFV12 P-Tanks

Coil Options

  • Q4 0.4 ohm (40-100W)
  • X6 0.15 ohm (50-120W)
  • T10 0.11 ohm (80-110W)
  • M4 0.17 ohm (30-70W)
  • Mesh 0.15 ohm (40-80W)
  • Dual Mesh 0.2 ohm (50-80W)
  • Triple Mesh 0.15 ohm (60-100W)
  • Max Mesh 0.17 ohm (70-130W)
  • Strip 0.15 (40-100W)
  • X2 0.4 ohm (40-80W)

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Smok V12 P-Tank Coils (3 Pack)