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Spark! Twist Battery

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Product Type: herbal battery

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Product Details

Spark! Twist Battery 

The Spark Twist Battery is a simple and versatile variable voltage battery for oil and concentrate attachments. Adjust the voltage simply by twisting the dial at the bottom of the device, adjustable anywhere between 3.3-8V. Designed with a spring-loaded 510 connection pin to easily make contact with most attachments.

To power the device on, click the button 5 times until the LED surrounding the button turns on. To fire the device, press and hold the button while inhaling. To power down the device, click the button 5 times until the LED light no longer activates when the button is pressed.

This battery is compatible with most CBD & THC attachments that feature a 510 connection, these can be found at your local dispensary.

Charger is sold separately 

Please Note: It is important to keep the 510 connection clean and clear of residue. Some attachments may leak product onto the 510 pin causing the spring to become stuck and may lead to functionality issues. To clean any leaked product off of the 510 pin, we recommend using a cotton swap with just enough rubbing alcohol to loosen the product. Once you have the device fully turned off, Lightly dip the cotton swap in rubbing alcohol and squeeze out any access liquid before cleaning your device. 

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Spark! Twist Battery