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Tight Vac Vacuum Sealed Storage Container

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Product Details

Introducing the Tight Vac Storage Container! These Storage Containers are designed and manufactured with amazing quality and are extremely versatile. Use them in your kitchen, store food in your RV, keep animals away while out camping, or to keep your bud fresh, the uses for these containers are endless. Tight Vac Storage Containers can keep dry goods fresh for up to 1 year!

With their patented vacuum seal technology, these containers are the most user friendly vacuum sealed container on the market. To open the container, simply press the button and the lid glides off with ease. To close the container, press the button and slide the lid back onto the base. 

They're even dishwasher safe! 

The Tight Vac containers will actually save you money by keeping your dry goods fresher, longer. No more tossing away those stale, week old cookies. Keep the crunch in your favourite munchies, longer than ever before. 

We currently carry 2 sizes of the Tight Vac, medium and large in the solid black colour variant. 

Medium Specifications

  • Height: 14 cm / 5.5"
  • Width: 8 cm / 3.25 "

Large Specifications

  • Height: 20 cm / 8"
  • Width: 10 cm / 4" 

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Tight Vac Vacuum Sealed Storage Container