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Twelve Monkeys Queen Soko Freebase Vape Street Canada

Twelve Monkeys Queen Soko Freebase

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We introduce Twelve Monkeys Queen Soko, a part of the Circle of Life series. Twelve Monkeys are a very popular Canadian brand of e-juice in Canada and the Circle of life series was released in early 2020.

Twelve Monkeys Queen Soko Circle of Life

Twelve Monkeys Queen Soko is one of the three juices released in the Circle Of Life series. This is for all strawberry loves! If you are looking for a fresh blend of hand-picked strawberries with a light and subtle lemon citrus undertone then this flavor is certainly for you. This queen is surely a shining star not to go unnoticed.

Bottle Size: 30ml
Nicotine: Freebase
Ratio VG/PG: 70/30

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Twelve Monkeys Queen Soko Freebase