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Twelve Monkeys Kanzi Freebase Ice Age Ejuice Vape Canada

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Kanzi Freebase

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We introduce Kanzi by 12monkeys. Twelve Monkeys is a very popular Canadian brand of e-juice in Canada.

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Kanzi

Kanzi is by far one of the most popular flavors ever released by twelve monkeys. It was very sought after and hard to get back in when it first released and there are still customers to this day that vape ONLY Kanzi.

Kanzi is for someone with a sweet tooth. This is a fusion of strawberries, watermelon, and a little bit of kiwi. It will be sure to please you with this fruit concoction which is great for any pallet. This is part of the ice age collection so this will be cooled with menthol but the same great original taste


Bottle Size: 30ml
Nicotine: Freebase
Ratio VG/PG: 70/30

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Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Kanzi Freebase