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Twelve Monkeys Oasis Ice Age Paradise Freebase - Vape Street Canada

Twelve Monkeys Oasis Ice Age Paradise Freebase

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 Introducing the Ice Age collection based on the Oasis series from Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. This new line from the Canadian fan-favourite manufacturer, Twelve Monkeys, was crafted with high-quality ingredients featuring bold, exotic, and tropical fruit blends. 

All Twelve Monkeys Ice Age variations are formulated with a cool menthol finish just for those menthol lovers out there. No matter what kind of fruity flavour you're looking for, Twelve Monkeys has got you covered. 

 Twelve Monkeys Oasis Ice Age - Paradise 

Discover you're own tropical paradise with Oasis Paradise. Paradise is a smooth blend of strawberry, pineapple, banana and coconut! Meticulously crafted by the flavourists at Twelve Monkeys to deliver a sweet cooling sensation as part of the Oasis Ice Age line.

Ratio VG/PG: 70/30
Nicotine: Freebase
Bottle Size: 30ml

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Twelve Monkeys Oasis Ice Age Paradise Freebase