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Twelve Monkeys Origins Patas Pipe Freebase - Vape Street Canada

Twelve Monkeys Origins Patas Pipe Freebase

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We introduce Patas Pipe by Twelve Monkeys. Twelve monkeys is a very popular Canadian brand of e-juice in Canada. Known for its very powerful flavors and sweetness.

Twelve monkeys created a whole new series called Origins which this flavor falls into. Origin was a handcrafted line designed with the end consumers' requests in mind. It's catered not only toward experienced vapers but also people just starting on their vaping journey. You will notice a reduced amount of sweetness versus the original series keeping coil life front and center but also remembering to pack the most flavor possible.

Twelve Monkeys Origins Patas Pipe

Patas pipe is great for someone looking for some full-bodied tobacco but also some sweetness thrown into the mix. Notes of VC and Cocoa perfectly compliment this smooth tobacco vape. 

Bottle Size: 30ml
Nicotine: Freebase
Ratio VG/PG: 70/30

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Twelve Monkeys Origins Patas Pipe Freebase